Opinion: Stay safe for Thanksgiving break

Rhonda Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief

In about three weeks, most of us will be going home for Thanksgiving break.

I know that I am personally worried about being around family members because of the pandemic. The last thing I would want is to get any of them sick.

COVID-19 has been affecting our lives for a while, but the risk is still high. Some students haven’t been home since school started. Students have been around their friends, professors and anyone else they might encounter on campus.

While it is easy to forget the dangers of this pandemic, I urge you to remember that the threat is still very real. People are still getting sick.

If possible, self-quarantine and get yourself tested about 14 days before you go home. This will reduce the risk of you giving the virus to your family.

Be flexible about plans. If a family member doesn’t feel comfortable attending Thanksgiving dinner, don’t judge them.. It is also ok if you yourself don’t want to go. 

It is OK to make your health and safety a priority.

If you and your family still intend on celebrating the holidays together, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Social distance when possible and continue to monitor your symptoms before and after getting together. 

Some low risk options for Thanksgiving dinner can be dining with just the family members you live with. You can host a virtual meal for extended friends and family. You can also watch football games or parades at home. 

People can also shop online for Black Friday instead of shopping in stores.

Try to avoid shopping in crowded stores or attending large events  with people outside of your household.

There is still a lot to be learned about this virus. Stay safe and do your best to take care of yourself during this time.