Sony and Disney’s dispute over Spider-Man worrisome for fans

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When they introduced Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in “Captain America: Civil War,” I was ecstatic. Tom Holland plays his role amazingly, balancing Peter Parker and Spider-Man naturally.  

“Homecoming” consisted of Peter proving himself to be more than a child to everyone around him, and showing everyone, especially Tony Stark, he was ready to be a hero. In “Far From Home,” we see Peter still learning, like all teenagers do. Spider-Man was going to be the new “Tony Stark” of phase four of the MCU. Many fans are ready to see what will happen next, but because of the Sony and Disney dispute, that may not happen. 

Disney is starting to become a monopoly in their industry. They own ABC, Touchstone Pictures, Pixar, Hollywood Records and more. Not to mention the TV shows, theme parks, movies and everything else with a Disney label. They own Marvel, but not the rights to Spider-Man, which is where Sony comes in.

 Disney and Sony worked together during the Spider-Man films, but a recent contract dispute has caused the agreement to end. 

 Spider-Man will no longer be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Now, we’re not quite sure what’s next.

This can be a bad move for everyone involved. Disney gave Sony the best Spider-Man movies they’ve had. No longer working with them could cause Spider-Man’s ratings to go down. However, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was meant to play a huge role in phase four. He was meant to be the next Tony Stark. I’m not sure how Disney is going to go through with their plans without him. 

Tom Holland commented at Disney’s D23 Expo that he’s still looking forward to the next Spider-Man movie, but it is going to be something very different and special. 

He said that he was grateful to Marvel for allowing him to live his dream and Sony for allowing him to continue to have the time of his life. 

Many fans still aren’t happy about the split, but there’s comfort in knowing that Spider-Man isn’t over just yet. 

It would have been nice to see Peter Parker in Marvel’s phase four, and this is what many people were hoping for. Disney has more than enough money and they don’t need the amount that they’re demanding. However, Sony should be aware that one of the reasons Spider-Man is as big as he is now is because of Marvel and the role he played in the MCU phase three.  

Tony Stark did not die for this.