Speaking, reading events on campus leave positive impacts

USI is known for many enjoyable activities and programs, but some of the most influential and popular aspects of campus are the events involving guest speakers and readings.

Inviting guest speakers and having organized events where writers or passionate creators can exhibit their works makes a positive impact on the campus and community. Events like these around campus usually include “The Vagina Monologues,” the Southern Indiana Reading Series and the frequent guest speakers who cover various types of topics in performances or moving discussions.

“The Vagina Monologues” allow women to speak up about what being a woman means to them, and discuss how to come together to change the negative stigmas and perspectives surrounding being a woman. This event allows women from the community to share their voices and to be heard, expressing who they are and what their beliefs are.

The Southern Indiana Reading Series invites professional and successful writers from around the country to campus in order to share their works with students and faculty and inspire aspiring writers. Not only do these writers get the opportunity to reach out to new audiences who may be unfamiliar with their work, but they also get to interact with those who already look up to them or give helpful advice to people looking to become successful writers in their future career.

Guest speakers of different careers and backgrounds are able to promote their work or engage with students in detailed discussions covering important topics that need to be shared. With these speeches, students can learn new things, participate in activities to gain unique experiences or offer their voices to further discuss specific topics pertaining to potential careers or present society.

Hosting these sort of events where students are able to share their voices and creativity, or intently listen to others’ voices generates positive impact all around. Getting up in front of people to read, promote the things you have written or share your views isn’t easy.  

Witnessing others honing the courage to stand in front of crowds of people is inspiring because they are standing before so many others in order to share their passions. It helps people to connect with one another and come together.

These events show that following your dream is very possible. It allows the community to come together to express compassion and shared ideals. It shows that words have the power to change people, whether they are written or spoken.