Fuquay Center showcases beauty of USI

After months of construction the Fuquay Welcome Center is finally finished, and its grand opening is just around the corner. Fortunately, I was able to go to the roof and explore before the official opening and let me say, this place had me feeling welcomed way before reaching the top.

Approaching the ramp to the Welcome Center roof, I was immediately full of joy as I saw all of the orange and yellow flowers (although most already wilted), a variety of plants, decorative rocks and fresh brown mulch. The scenery was a small but pleasant combination of fall and summer, presumably the favorite seasons out of the four, and I imagined how much prettier the roof would be as warmer weather arrived.

Walking up the ramp and gazing at the completed project and my surroundings only brought about more joy and excitement. It was amazing how much positivity was being exerted within the first two minutes of ascending.

By the time I reached the roof, it was nearing dusk which created a perfect view of the color changing trees, the beautiful sunset, UC buildings, the cone and the Orr Center. Not to be cheesy, but it felt like time stood still, and a feeling of tranquility washed over me for those few short minutes.

I sat at one of the numerous tables and just gazed around the campus. This spot felt perfect to relax with friends, drink some coffee or hot chocolate, do homework or to just get away and take in the calming vibes. The roof was going to become my new getaway spot, and it felt right to make that decision.

However, being up on the roof gave me some ideas on how to give the center a more homey/spirited feel. It’s October, so why not throw some pumpkins, mums or some black-eyed Susans on the roof or around the center’s edges? It’d truly give the Welcome Center that extra ‘umph’ of fall and the beauty it deserves.

Now this one is a long shot, but I’m sure the art department would love it. The side structures come off as bland (it’s a building so you can’t do much with that), but perhaps adding some art would liven it up a ton. It would for sure attract more people, give it the spark that the university needs and allow people to see the amazing talents of those in the art department.

I doubted the end product of the Fuquay Center during construction, but my fifteen-minute adventure on the roof flushed away all of those doubts, and I felt obligated to praise the center.

I told at least seven people to go check it out because of my newfound adoration for the roof. I’m sure I’ll love the inside as well once it opens, but for now, I recommend everyone to go check out the roof before it gets too chilly and takes in the many blessings USI holds.