Negative aspects of roommates

Imagine, you come home late from your night class. Most people are starting to settle down and get ready for bed, but you still have a mountain of homework to do.

As you get closer to your apartment you can already hear the music. As you enter your apartment, surrounded by people you do not know, you realize you are not going to be getting any homework done tonight.

When choosing to go to a college far away from your hometown, one of the scariest things is not knowing anyone. In most cases, the first person that everyone meets is their roommate. Whether you talked to that person all summer or just met them, living with someone can turn out to be a difficult task.

To begin with, many people room with their friends from hometowns or schools, which seems like a great idea. It would make sense, that if two people got along for years, that rooming together should be easy. However, there is a major difference between spending a few hours with someone and living with someone.

When living with someone, even your best friend, you start to realize the habits they have that drive you insane. They might stay up late using the flash on their Snapchat, come home drunk every night, or keep the room in a complete mess.

The university offers surveys to determine when you prefer to sleep, what noise levels you are comfortable with and so forth, but this does not mean you will get paired with someone who has the same mindset as you.

The person answering the survey may not be putting the truthful answer each time. There are few people who would like to admit that they keep their room in a complete mess. Beyond that, there are only so many people that can actually be a perfect match for you based on these surveys.

At first, a roommate that disrupts your daily routines may not seem that bad. You only have to deal with them for a year after all. Yet, demanding roommates can be physically and emotionally draining. Not only are you stressed out by what is happening around you, but you may also be potentially losing sleep.

The mix of the overload of stress and the loss of sleep can be hazardous to your health as well as your academic standing. You may find that your grades are slipping and that you are too tired to get up and go to those early classes.

It is important to remember to seek help and guidance in these situations.

You first need to realize that you are not the first or the last person that is going to have roommate troubles and that there are people here to help with that. Be sure to attempt to talk to your roommate. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware of just how disruptive their behavior is to their roommates.

If attempting to talk to your roommate fails it may be time to reach out to your RA, who will decide if a room change is best for you.