Melodramatic Rose: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

This opinion almost became a rant about our terrible door situation with locks that don’t do their job and wreak havoc. Or a rant about a bloody burger I received during a tornado warning, or even my stance on how sometimes life gives you a run for your money.

But you see, all of these things happened in a day, and as I’m writing this it’s only Tuesday.

So as my brain goes to mush and I listen to a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise, just know that sometimes it’s okay to have your dramatic moments.

There are only four weeks left of this crazy semester, and each day you are either closer to summer break or to graduate.

I could say to take a breather and relax, but instead, I’m going to tell you a bunch of reasons why I think you should challenge yourself.

If you’re upset because you haven’t received a good grade in a hard class, then do your best and work as hard as you can to write the best paper possible. You still might not get an A, but you’ve tried your best.

If you’re late to class every day, challenge yourself to show up five minutes early for the next four weeks.

If you’re upset because nothing is going your way and curling up in a dark corner sounds good, challenge yourself to try and enjoy a relaxing activity. Challenge yourself to do five minutes of yoga every morning.

Challenge your stress and don’t let it consume you.

You’ve come this far and you’ve succeeded.

As college students, our stress levels can put us in a frenzy of anxiety, but if you challenge yourself to do your best, then you know you did all you could.

Be your best self.

Take the reins of these last four weeks and prove to yourself that you can do it.

It will be okay.