Melodramatic Rose: The soap atrocity

You know the moment when you wash your hands and the soap has lathered, bubbles have been created, the nice warm water soothes your soul and it’s an enjoyable cleansing experience?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that it has been stripped from our lives.

About a year ago, the university wanted to make some “improvements” and treated us to new soap dispensers.

Dispensers that dispense nothing but frustration and anger.

If you aren’t aware of this current situation, we now have soap dispensers that operate from the top part instead of putting your hand underneath the allotted space provided on almost every other soap dispenser in the world.

Every day I see another victim affected by this tragedy. They put their hand underneath and wait for the soap to come, but every aching second leaves them without.

Not only is it inconvenient for that reason, but if you are in a wheelchair it is very challenging to try and reach up to the top of the soap dispenser while sitting down.

I tried it.

Essentially we are stopping people from having easily accessible soap dispensers (ones that make sense), a God-given right.

Now we have that issue taken care of, let me inform you of the atrocity that they call “soap” coming out of that plastic disaster.

For one, you get a squirt of soap the size of a quarter if you are lucky. Mind you, it’s a foam so you automatically need more soap.

But the scent is the worst part. It doesn’t even smell like soap, just some chemically engineered substance that probably has ingredients we shouldn’t even be putting on our hands.

I’m not saying I want some type of “Very Berry Hibiscus” smelling soap (although it would be nice), I just want soap that’s not going to dry out my hands and one that will help make them feel clean.

And that’s another thing.

I’m an art student, my hands are constantly dirty. From charcoal and graphite to paint and ink, it’s bound to happen.

And you know what?

That soap doesn’t even begin to clean an inch of my charcoal stained fingers, it does nothing.

What soap can’t do its job?

I just don’t understand why these soap dispensers had to change in the first place. What was wrong with the “typical” soap dispenser?

The one that brings comfort to public bathrooms all over. Because in my 21 years of living I guarantee you I have never seen a contraption like that in my life.

Finally, I was given the platform to express my feelings about these soap dispensers and all I can say is, think of the students.

Think of the germaphobes.

Think of the individuals who might not be able to reach the soap.

Just think.