Women can spoil men too

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It’s the day where loved ones find an excuse to buy flowers and chocolates and expensive gifts—Valentine’s Day.

Traditionally, it’s usually the man’s job to spend the most money for Valentine’s Day. Men buy the women flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, they pay for dinner, blah, blah, blah.

What I’m interested in is the role that women have in Valentine’s Day. What is a woman’s role in Valentine’s Day exactly? Is it to stand there and look pretty as a man spends half of his life earning on them for one day and then turn around and spend the rest of his life earnings on her for her birthday?

How about we flip the roles of men and women for one day in the year. Men always spend their money on women and women spend their money on women. What if women spent money on men? That would be a game changer in relationships and Valentine’s Day.

From an independent woman’s standpoint, I can buy myself flowers and chocolates and stuffed animals. I don’t need a man to buy me things for Valentine’s Day.

But the only thing men buy themselves on Valentine’s Day is alcohol and condoms hoping to get lucky. Now that is sad.

Women, here’s my tip for you: buy your man a Valentine’s gift. Typical gender roles in today’s society shouldn’t apply because gender roles are changing.

In this day and age, more people are engaging in LGBT+ relationships where the gender roles don’t exactly matter.

Women, I promise you, men want you to buy them something. They enjoy being spoiled once in a while. Take it from someone who has talked to a few guys about this issue. They don’t always like spending their money on a girl, but they feel obligated to.

I promise you won’t be judged if you buy your man a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. Men agree one hundred and ten percent that they like getting things in return for Valentine’s Day just as much as women enjoy it.

Gender roles don’t matter anymore and women can make just as much money, if not more, than what men do. We don’t live in a world where women stay at home, watch the kids and don’t make money anymore. Women are independent individuals, and we should take the time to spend money on our man just like they do on us.

It also shouldn’t just be a special occasion that we have to spend our money on a man. Do it whenever you feel like it. That’s what men do whenever they bring home flowers at random or decide to cook dinner. They do things out of the love in their hearts, so we should too.

Don’t be stingy with your money. After all, it’s just paper. Money doesn’t buy happiness, it just buys other’s affection, because that’s all what Valentine’s Day is about anyway.