Money isn’t everything

Darrian Breedlove, Staff Writer

Why do we enjoy watching rich people on TV and in movies? Why are people such as the Kardashians and shows like “The Bachelor” so popular in reality television? Well, an obvious reason could be that viewers are living their dreams through celebrities. Everyone can’t be rich and famous and have luxurious trips to Mexico and five different types of sports cars.

It’s understandable. Every person has something they want that is not easily attainable to them, so it’s fulfilling to watch other people buy expensive things or go on enjoyable vacations. It eases the pang of hunger in our gut to experience our wants and desires through the people who can afford it.

Humans are greedy creatures. We want and we hunger and when we finally obtain what we want, we then turn our attention to wanting something else. It’s human nature.

The American Dream consists of getting an education, earning a high-paying job, and living a comfortable life while growing a family. Ask just about anybody, and those are their main goals in life.

But would becoming rich really be worth it? There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in comfort and not having to worry about money, but at the same time, being rich is not something I would wish for. When you look at the statistics of people who win the lottery, most of those people become very miserable with life and either enter bankruptcy or commit suicide.

The way I see it, having everything isn’t worth it. What makes life worth living and enjoyable is having a purpose and being able to appreciate the small things. I don’t want to have things handed to me or at my disposal whenever I desire.

What makes life worth living is having something you are passionate about and able to earn in time with hard work and dedication. I enjoy small things the most when I have earned it or have built my way up to it.

I must admit, I do enjoy watching rich people on reality shows.

I enjoy seeing how they choose to spend their money and how they choose to spend their time. I enjoy seeing how different my life is from theirs. They are very lucky to live in comfort, but at the same time, I do not envy their money and fame.

I am perfectly content with having to work extra hard and having to wait a little longer in order to obtain my hopes and dreams. Because when I eventually reach those dreams, they will taste even sweeter and be more satisfying and worth the wait.