Maybe we need to lose our heroes

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer

Amid the constant torrent of headlines about celebrity scandals, many of us are sitting with our fingers crossed, praying that the lens doesn’t fall on our favorite actors.

Please, not Will Smith.

The thing about that is, if we are going to progress as a nation, we have to be willing to lose a few of our heroes in the maelstrom.

The past several months have seen a cultural upheaval, as celebrities and politicians alike have been outed for sexual misconduct.

Enough people have had fingers pointed at them that we all have at least one favorite actor or director that has left us feeling conflicted.

Previously, Kevin Spacey was discussed in this publication, not only for the disgusting nature of his behavior, but for the way in which he attempted to deflect accusations.

Thing is, many of us liked Spacey before the news broke. I know I did.

Hell, I struggle to sit through Seven now, because the most integral part of that film’s narrative is delivered by an actor whose face I can no longer stand to look at.

But, that’s the price we should be willing to pay if it means dismantling the culture that allowed these people to abuse others.

Please, not Idris Elba.

Difficult though it may be to stomach, this grotesque behavior also exists in the smallest microcosms of society, where cameras aren’t looking.

It isn’t just celebrities that do this.

But when an actor gets called for inappropriate sexual advances, or a politician with an appetite for preteen girls has his past thrown in his face, it sends a message to everyone.

“They got caught, and you will, too.”

And when you are talking about this uniquely vile brand of depravity, that’s the right message to send.

So, by all means, take all of Hollywood, if you must. If that is what it takes to clean the slate and fill our films with people of integrity, then so be it.

We have to be willing to lose our heroes if we truly care about Hollywood, because otherwise, it will only get worse.

Just… Pleeeeeaaase, not Charlie Day.