Campus modernization refreshing, exciting

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I recently took notice of something USI has implemented on campus—a complete campus directory programmed into a tablet.


As small and insignificant as that may appear, it is a welcome sign of coming modernization to our campus.


There are plenty of things at USI that can grind one’s gears a bit—construction has made traversing campus a little rough, parking can be a bit of a hassle and the speed bumps seem designed to punish speeders with spinal fractures.


But, they are all part of USI’s commitment to its students, and they should not distract from the steps USI is taking to improve its campus.


When a student wants something, there is no beating the simple process of pressing a button and getting the thing.


This philosophy is no more apparent than with the recent announcement of the Tapingo system.


Starting next year, Tapingo will allow students to can have food delivered to them via a smartphone app.


That is the kind of convenience that can only come from a university embracing modern methods and utilizing them to benefit the student body.


And on the subject of convenience, let’s go back to the directories. There are plenty of students who just flounder without any idea of what is going on or who is who on campus.


It is hard to keep up to date on campus events when you don’t even know where to go for information.


These directories are basically one-stop shops for students. They completely eliminate the problem by centralizing and organizing vital information.


Well, they almost completely eliminate the problem.


When I was using one recently, the news tab was nonfunctional. Personally, that is what I would be using the directories for most, so let us hope that gets finished soon.


But on the whole, these two seemingly miniscule additions to the on-campus experience signify a spirited effort by USI to bring itself into the current day.


It is a small start, but as more modern touches are added to the campus, we are going to see a change in how we interact with it.

It is a change we can all agree will be most welcome.