Two words

Does anyone else feel like they are in the wrong decade right now? Because recent events have left me muttering the same two words, over and over.

Screw Nazis.

With all of the bipartisan clashing across the country, it’s easy to get worn down and become desensitized to all the unrest.

The problem with this cavalcade of protest after protest is that it is starting to distract from a very serious issue.

For some strange reason, historically anti-American groups are starting to grow in prominence and are surfacing at more and more of these demonstrations.

When did we collectively decide that was okay? What has changed in our culture that has given these groups a leg to stand on?

Why are polo-wearing salarymen with shields and tiki torches, screaming “BLOOD AND SOIL” suddenly a thing we have to deal with?

At some point, we have gone from viewing fascists as the nation’s enemy, to people we simply disagree with, then to a serious threat that needs to be protested en-masse.

It seems like just a few short years ago, the only thing we needed to rally against were racists and fundamentalists, praying on their scripture of choice for the damnation of the LGBT community.

Those were the days.

Now things have gone topsy-turvy, and we are all taking sides in a world that no longer makes any sense.

America’s strength comes from unity among its people. The growing culture that has given new life to these radicalized groups seeks to erode this unity, and that cannot be allowed to happen.

Because this isn’t some pushback from a misunderstood minority group that only wants to coexist in peace and on even ground with the rest of the citizenry.

It is a misshapen, mutant beast of anger and hatred, whose actions drag America further and further from true peace.

So, again, screw Nazis. Screw Nazis, screw fascists, screw racist bigots and screw those who use faith to preach hate.

You know what; while we’re at it, screw Communists too. Just in case they want to make a comeback as well.