No less than the best


It is 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and I have just wrapped up an overnight shift at a two-star hotel. My boss looks over everything before I leave, and asks me how the night went.

No one came in; no one called. I sat silent and motionless in a swivel chair for eight hours.

I give my boss well wishes for the day ahead, I hang my shirt up in the back room, and I clock out.

This would be the last time I do so.

Passion is everything. No matter what you do, you have to love doing it. You have to be happy; otherwise, what is the point?

I worked that job for two years, sitting in isolation behind an old Dell computer.

One night, while printing off some documents, I was suddenly struck with the thought: I am no longer content with doing this. I’m capable of more, and I’m not achieving that by being here.

It is so easy to just let the unfulfilling become the norm.

The question is, why do that?

There are options in every direction; why not explore them?

Reaching one’s full potential should be their number-one priority.

One shouldn’t just accept their lot in life, especially if it prevents them from bettering themselves.

If someone is studying in a field they no longer have an interest in, they shouldn’t just power ahead and hope they learn to like it in time for graduation.

They should either change majors entirely or find a new focus in their field that actually is gratifying to them.

Plenty of people work a job where they don’t enjoy what they do, or where their employers and peers treat them poorly.

A paycheck can come from anywhere; so don’t be afraid to leave and find a better job.

I was no longer willing to accept stagnation at that desk, so I worked up the nerve to move on to greater experiences.

Rather than settling into a position where their full potential will never be reached, one should break away from the norm and find what they are passionate about.