What did the server do to you?

It is a Friday night.

A scrumptious meal sounds enticing. Provided by a local dining spot, it is just the thing to kick back after a long week.

The host greets you whilst taking in the aroma of the delicious foods presented all around. A device is given to you that will eventually buzz to beckon you to your awaited table. Once reaching your landing spot and settling in, you are then approached by the person who will be lending their care by serving all your dining needs and requests.

Now, there are two ways people look at this human in front of them.

The first see their server as any other person who works at the restaurant and give them a smile as they are there to serve you.

The second, creating some ungodly reason this person already offended them, treats them as a shriveled up straw wrapper the whole night.

Having been a server, I have experienced both types of people.

From my experience, most of my customers fell into the second group.

It seems people use servers as an outlet for their anger and frustration.

Whether someone has had an awful day, week, or life does not give them permission to be a terrible human being to someone else.

The Golden Rule states: treat others how you wish to be treated. A server is a somebody who is other than you, so they still fall into the same rule. The Golden Rule should perhaps be amended to: treat others and servers how you wish to be treated.

Maybe they had a loss of clarification in the former, but hopefully this will clear everything up.

What I have taken away from being a server is to treat all servers respectfully and kindly because their job can be very stressful.

Balancing three to four tables at once, memorizing every single extra side of ranch request, not forgetting to put a table’s order in, and dealing with rude customers are just a few of the daily struggles for them.

One, they will be completely rude and give servers every single little task to bring this, get that, extra this, more of this.

The second, after all these hurdles to jump through and their fickle attitude they will walk out of the restaurant leaving that poor server little to no tip at all.

I am not quite sure if the people like that get some sort of satisfaction treating another human being like dirt.

To all the servers out there, I appreciate what you go through.