Jeopardizing allies

Recently in the world of politics, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited President Donald Trump.

With the media following Trump’s every move, this was an important day to get involved.

Germany and the United States have not always had the best relationship.

When Angela Merkel visited the White House, the welcome was anything but warm.

During the news conference, the body language of both Trump and Merkel was awkward and uninviting.

The United States, in my opinion, is supposed to be the country to set an example of a smooth, working society.

That has not worked very well.

This press conference perfectly represented the potential relationship Trump could have with countries around the world.

Trump, refusing to shake the hand of an important political figure or even make contact with a woman, sets a potential tone for the presidency.

With Germany being such an important country, the potential to ruin any future relationship with them would be jeopardizing a future alliance for the United States.

President Trump should be representing the United States in a respectable manner and not refusing to look at competing states.

The chancellor and president met to discuss the future between the United States and Germany.

If President Trump continues to refuse to cooperate with allies, the potential for future allies could be threatened if they see Trump not getting along with a major power.

The president is supposed to be a well-taught and poised representation of the United States; Trump has yet to prove himself a respectable president.