Relationships ‘should be a measurement of success’

Relationships ‘should be a  measurement of success’

Growing up, my friendships constantly ended, whether it was because my friends moved or we simply lost touch over time. I soon became aware that my grades were the only permanent thing in my life.

I was always told when I grew up my career would be something I would always have no matter how many of my friendships ended.

In high school, I would come home each day and work on my homework or study for an upcoming test. I would study until my eyes hurt, telling friends I couldn’t hang out that night. I engrained it into my brain that my grades were more important than investing into my friendships.

I came into college with that same mind set: get good grades and your future will be perfect. Wanting to gain experience within my career right away, I joined The Shield and put in the same effort working here as I did in my classes.

Being around the members of The Shield staff and getting to know them on a personal level renewed my trust in others, and time away from them made me realize how beneficial they were to me.

They became my friends and not only that but my family away from home. Getting involved with an on campus organization was the best decision I ever made. Seeing how much it changed me, I encourage others to do the same.

As I prepare to graduate on Saturday, it saddens me that I will be leaving friends behind but I realized something we should keep in mind: the relationships we have with people should be a measurement of success.

Grades are going to affect your career, that is for certain, however, friendships will affect your life.

Years from now you’re not going to remember how well you did in a class or how you bombed that test in math. The memories you make along the way with your friends will be what you remember long after you leave school.