Preparing for life after school

Preparing for life after school

Rejection is the biggest fear in the college environment. Being comfortable in your own skin is a lesson everyone should learn, freshman year.

High school was a blast, dreadful, boring, exciting, awful and filled with anxiety, but somehow you made it through and graduated. You had your group of friends and most of them looked, acted and sounded like you.

Even when things were tough, you found a way through it. You and your friends fit together like a puzzle. Regardless of how tough the scene happened to be, they were there by your side.

Then it happened. The summer was over and you parted ways with many of your friends. Sure you have social media and text messages, but how many old chums will you see on a regular basis.

You are walking to classes, trying to figure out what is what. You dress the way you think people want you to dress. You say what others want to hear. You try to fit in with the status quo.

Sure, you may have folks that you casually speak with on a daily basis, but are you figuring out the meaning behind college?

You take some classes in math, English, science, history and pursue a major. You make the grades to continue on the course.   

Peer pressure has you doing certain things to fit in with a group. Some of these things, you are not proud of and others may even be harmful.

One day, school is going to be over and you will be in the real world. If you continue to always fit in the mold of making others happy, what will your future hold?

You have been at college for a couple months. Your fight or flight response has kicked in multiple times. Maybe you had to flight a couple of times, but now it’s time to brush yourself off and fight.

It is time to get to know who you are as a person, student, friend, leader, thinker and doer.

You are on the right track and you are starting to understand, but life is not merely a theory course. It’s time to practice what you learn.

Step outside of your comfort zone in a positive way. Find that person that is sitting all alone. Sit down and have a conversation with them. You never know where it could lead. Friends that do not mirror you, help enrich your life.

Admit that while you may have some things planned, you do not have everything figured out and in order. This is okay and will help lower your stress level.

Take a short road trip on a slow weekend. Find a good nature trail and examine the beauty in this life.

Think about what makes you happy. Are you into 80’s music, Star Wars, football, comic books, writing, card games or singing? Enjoy being you, out in the open. Some people may laugh, but it is only because they are not comfortable being themselves.

Do not be cocky, but learn to exuberate confidence. This attribute helps a person lead. Own your mistakes, but remember to learn from them.

Develop a self-constitution. Figure out what is important to you. It may be God, church, family, friends, honesty, integrity, love, etc., but write it out and do not compromise your value structure.

Write down what you want out of life and go get it. You will meet some rejection, but you will also succeed.

Now that you have your wits about you and a plan, go out and thrive.