It’s an election, not a Vine

nopicSeptember 26, the first presidential debate took place and as the news was unfolding, Snapchat and vine edits were quickly taking over social media.

I will admit it was funny to see the Clinton and Trump with a dog filter, a flower crown or even with swapped faces, but let’s be real, they are our presidential candidates.

Even if we do put them flying out of explosions for Vine fame it doesn’t change the seriousness of this topic.

These two individuals have been chosen to run against each other to see who is better fit to represent our country, and that’s not a laughing matter.

I’m not saying that I’m completely innocent in all of this, because I was also laughing on my couch watching Clinton on my phone screen with an over sized nose.

Even though we might not agree with who our candidates are, it’s important that we listen to what they have to say regardless.

Understand the issues with building the wall, tax returns and hidden emails.

Understand that this is more than meme worthy content.

In November we elect one of these people.

It’s not like we have a reset button. Four years is four years.

This election is our chance to make a difference and we can’t do that when we are staring at our phones making Vine edits. We can’t do that unless we pay attention and stay educated.

A few days after the debate I was speaking to my friend about a few of the highlights from the night and all she could respond with was Trump or Clinton looking distorted or dancing.

If you aren’t educated on the election you can’t make an educated vote.

This election is scary.

And it is our generation that can make a big impact on voting, for some of us this is our first time voting and regardless of your political opinion, please vote.

So when you are watching the debate this Sunday, put down your phone and actually listen to what is happening.

Listen to what our future president is saying and put the memes, filters and edits away until after November.