Blow hard, achieve little


During a particularly strong gust of wind in the University Center breezeway Monday, I blurted out, “Wow, it’s blowing hard today, didn’t know Trump was on campus.”

It was a cheap joke with no lead-up, a poorly conveyed message that fell flat.

Unbeknownst to me, someone else’s message was falling flat in an epic way elsewhere on campus.

It appears, under the cover of darkness, an unknown entity decided the best way to grab attention for a presidential candidate would be to write their name with pink chalk in massive letters in front of the Liberal Arts Center (and to a lesser extent on the 50th anniversary statue).

Stop the presses, call CNN, all of Indiana just changed their vote firmly to Trump. A word written in a temporary medium reminded us a candidate exists.

Now, the joke that presidential candidate Donald Trump and his supporters are blowhards has become somewhat overused these days, yet as some anonymous agents proved Monday, somewhat justified.

Writing “Trump 2K16” in giant chalk letters isn’t even an honorable mention for the most offensive things Trump supporters have done.

When your competition is a 20-something white man yelling “go back to Africa” at a black protestor, a woman saying she’ll punch a guy offering free hugs if he doesn’t vote for Trump and a veteran throwing up a Nazi salute at a Sanders supporter… you have to work harder than some crappy chalk art.

Listen, person(s) responsible for this: Trump 2K16 is the best you have to offer for controversial chalk art? Not “Make America Great Again” or a quote. One could have drawn an image of the man or used multiple colors.

Slipping the letter K into a date is something predominately used in an ironic sense online, using it unabashedly in what barely qualifies as a political message is, frankly, accidentally funny.

For the rest of us, this incident should be filed away as a perfect lesson in how a message can fall flat on its ass. Whether the messages were meant to show people Trump support is real or piss off those who dislike Trump, #TheChalkening2K16 has failed spectacularly.

The chalk’s gone, the usi_snaps post about it has expired and nobody will care by next week. All the perpetrators have done is add more anecdotal evidence to the stereotype of Trump supporters who make rash, stupid decisions.

I find it hilarious.