A final opinion on finals

I think finals can be a lot of fun.

Turns out, that’s not a popular opinion.

My relationship with finals is peppered with quite a bit of hate. It also can be funny though. I’m kind of an idiot, so when I mess up big time, lots of people find it funny.

People usually associate finals with things like hate and dying, but underneath it all there is a nugget of humor.

One day, last semester, I was studying my butt off. My morning was booked with a choir concert and then work.

I read my textbook on my phone every second I wasn’t busy, finishing upwards of 150 pages in one day and completed more worksheets and study guides than I thought was humanly possible.

When 7 p.m. rolled around, I put everything down and took a well-earned break. I had finally finished.

One thing led to another, and I woke up at 6 a.m. at my friend’s house in Poseyville.

I tore out of there and made it home with barely enough time to get ready. I had to do my final presentation hungover with “pain” and “gain” written on my forearms.

Luckily my hangover had mostly faded by the time I shuffled into the final for my only 400-level class. I received an “A” for both, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life.       

It’s important to look at the brighter side of disasters.

It’s hard to remember facts or stay composed for a presentation if death and destruction are on the mind. Sometimes winging it turns out just as good as if things were planned.

Even if death and destruction do rain down, at least there’s a story.