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USI WiFi crashing more than working

USI WiFi crashing more than working

Emily Catterton, Staff Writer

October 28, 2019

Opening our computers to start assignments or tests should be an easy task.  It should be easier than the assignment at hand and yet, we are often left with frustration because the WiFi isn’t working. I’ve noticed that USI has a big issue when it comes to having strong and continuously working WiFi. I...

Wi-Fi failure prevents Assessment Day

Wi-Fi failure prevents Assessment Day

Gabi Wy, News Editor

March 31, 2016

Kylah Hollins showed up to her speech class Monday only to find out it had been canceled. Hollins, a freshman education major, should have received an email from her professor about the cancellation, but the lack of campus Wi-Fi prevented her from getting the news. “It also kept me from uploading an e...

Students need Wi-Fi questions answered

Cara Meeks

October 26, 2015

Things appear to have been improving for the Wi-Fi since August based on a few students comments but are not progressing as fast as before. The Shield has reached out to IT director Richard Toenisketter five times via phone and email without response. “The wifi was terrible,” senior sports mana...

The Struggles of USI Wifi

The Struggles of USI Wifi

Alison Saagar

August 25, 2015

University to spend $330,000 on WiFi fix

Junior psychology major Stephanie Perry logs onto a computer at Rice Library Monday. Photo by Alyssa Smith/The Shield

Bobby Shipman

August 24, 2015

The university will spend around $330,000 on WiFi improvements starting this week, said Information Technology Executive Director Richard Toeniskoetter. Anyone who has logged on to the university’s WiFi in the past few weeks may have noticed their service dragging, or even dropping altogether. T...

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