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Walking into Welcome Week: New students introduced to college life

Students participate in a chant for their individual colleges during last years Welcome Week. Each college works to be the loudest as they walk into the Physical Activities Center.

Riley Guerzini, Staff Writer

August 18, 2016

Moms and dads unloading vans packed with clothes, TV’s and mini-refrigerators, faculty members guiding students around campus and an ice cream and movie night – these are just a few things to discover during this Welcome Week 2016.

(GALLERY) ‘It’s so beautiful’

After unlocking her dorm room for the first time, Fredrick gazes out of her window in Governors Hall. “It’s my new backyard,” she said to her mother, pointing out how green the view is compared to California.

Gabi Wy, Features Editor

August 17, 2016

Light rain pattered the sidewalks as freshman Alicia Fredrick and her mother, Katherine, arrived on campus the evening of Aug. 16. The two were all smiles after a three-day road trip from California.

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Armon Siadat

August 29, 2014

The Shield wants to know: "Did you attend Welcome Week 2014 events?" Let us know here!

Campus signage confuses some freshmen

Rachel Christian

August 28, 2014

Jaleigh Bugher remembers a time when navigating campus wasn't so easy - something a lot of new students realized this week. Bugher, a freshman pre-radiology major, was on campus with her parents Aug. 21, the first day of Welcome Week. Bugher said it was pretty easy navigating the campus, but it was...

Welcome Week’s only sort-of fun for freshmen

Armon Siadat

August 27, 2014

Welcome Week isn’t the same when it’s not your first year on campus. Each year, various organizations on campus put on events in the days leading up to the first week of classes. As a freshman, Welcome Week was exciting because I had no idea what to expect and my RA really talked it up. At...

A sophomore’s advice to freshman

Brenna Wu

August 20, 2014

Welcome back everyone. School is finally in session, and I imagine that everyone was missing school…yeah right. I also want to give a big welcome to all of the new incoming students. USI has become a great home for most of its students, and I believe it can become a new home for you, too. Seeing...

Eagles prepare to soar

Eagles prepare to soar

Jessica Stallings

August 28, 2013

Incoming freshmen and transfer students filled the stands inside USI’s Physical Activities Center Friday afternoon during the New-Student Convocation. Psychology major Tasha Resenbeck said she heard convocation would be fun and couldn’t wait for it to start. “I’m really pumped for the convo...

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