A sophomore’s advice to freshman

Brenna Wu

Welcome back everyone. School is finally in session, and I imagine that everyone was missing school…yeah right.

I also want to give a big welcome to all of the new incoming students. USI has become a great home for most of its students, and I believe it can become a new home for you, too.

Seeing as how this year is my second at USI, I do believe that I have better information concerning what to do, and not do, when walking onto campus to meet your fellow Screaming Eagles. I call them my, “Brenna-isms of USI.”

Be ready for an insane time at Welcome Week, where you will meet tons of new people.

Jump into your classes straight away – no slacking off.

Get help as soon as you need it. Do not wait until finals week to get help on your final essay that might be worth 60 percent of your grade.

Get involved. There are hundreds of organizations on campus. Some of the big ones include the Student Government Association, Activities Programming Board and Student Housing Association.

Ignore the myth of not having anything to do on the weekend. At USI, there is always something going on, and this year’s organizations are working harder to make sure something is always happening on campus.

Locate the nearest computer labs, resource centers, and/or tutors – anything you might need for a quick edit for a paper or a nice little study tip.

And finally, be ready to become an Eagle.

These are just some of the numerous tips that people have offered me throughout my first full year at USI. Now, I am in involved in several organizations, play tennis for the university, and have so many more friends than I could’ve imagined.

In my mind, new students should be ready for USI, be ready for the future and be ready to become an Eagle.