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I am my own valentine

Maxywell Carlton, Staff Writer
February 9, 2017
Filed under Opinion

We are about a week away from the day that drowns everyone in hearts and roses. Valentine’s Day is when couples spend more money on each other as if the recent holidays were not enough, as well as italicizing and bolding their love for each other. This can seem very affectionate and heart throbbing...

Single but not out to mingle

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer
February 10, 2016
Filed under Opinion

I’ll be frank. On Valentine’s Day, instead of dating, I’ll probably be at my desk watching cartoons. To anyone else who might be doing the same, that’s far from a bad thing. Films have created a beautiful image of what a relationship can be; one full of funny mishaps, cute moments, just a b...

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