I am my own valentine

We are about a week away from the day that drowns everyone in hearts and roses.

Valentine’s Day is when couples spend more money on each other as if the recent holidays were not enough, as well as italicizing and bolding their love for each other.

This can seem very affectionate and heart throbbing for couples; however, not everyone has a designated flower receiver or box-of-chocolates-giver.

Yes, crazy enough, the majority of people out there will be single on Valentine’s Day.

Recent society has pegged this day as ‘Singles’ Awareness Day’ which places a negative context on the day simply by mocking the people who aren’t fortunate enough to have a special someone.

That is pathetic. There should not be any dread for just another day in February.

If there so happens to be someone who will give you chocolates and roses and tell you how much they love you, then enjoy each moment with that person.

Now if you identify as someone on the single side of this, do not groan or sigh.

Just because you have not found your special someone yet does not mean this day is a day from hell. I will be sitting the singles bench as well this year, but I will be sitting with my smile and not a care in the world.

There is no valid reason for myself to acquire someone else to be happy on any day of the year, including Valentine’s Day.

Self-love is an attribute many people are deficient in.

Many ride on the idea that there needs to be someone else in their life to promote happiness and acceptance.

This simply is not the case.

Finding love for yourself is not difficult if you know where to look. Reflect back on all the reasons you like yourself or what makes you happy about yourself. There is at least one reason you like being you. Then, focus on other things that make you happy to be you.

For example, what I love about myself is that I cannot go one day without doing a random act of kindness for someone, whether it be through a smile, holding the door for someone, or complimenting someone.

I love making other people feel happy, which in return makes me happy to provide that simple elation.

So find that inner love for yourself. Buy yourself a rose or a box of chocolates, and treat yourself since the best love out there is the kind that comes from within.