The Shield

The trials and triumphs of experiencing a culture

Vince Tweddell, an adjunct journalism and English instructor, carries his daughter at the Great Wall of China.

Emma Corry, Features Editor

September 2, 2019

Vince Tweddell was working part time as an adjunct professor when he decided he needed a change. The adjunct journalism and English instructor had accumulated some debt and needed a full time job to pay the bills. Tweddell didn’t expect that he would end up working overseas in China for six years...

Eagle expeditions: stretching comfort zones

Eli True, a senior advertising and communications studies major, was selected at one of the four university students to participate in the Cultural Clarity Experience. The trip sent students to China for a week.

Jeana Everhart, Staff Writer

August 27, 2018

Every week The Shield will feature a student who spent time in another country over the summer. This week, Eli True shared about his time in China through the Cultural Clarity Experience.  Before July, Eli True had never been on a train, flew in an airplane, or seen the ocean.   The seni...

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