The Shield

An argument gone awry

Gavin Gaddis

October 7, 2015

A puddle of pink popped up on the Quad last Wednesday, causing quite the ruckus. To my cynical eyes the demonstration looked like a pink pro-life anglerfish, drawing in people hoping to get a “save the ta-tas” bumper sticker. Several students who passed by while I was present seemed stunned to h...

Students voice thoughts on controversial Quad display

Students voice thoughts on controversial Quad display

Gabi Wy

October 6, 2015

Laura Schwindel wanted the Quad and only the Quad for the visual display protesting Planned Parenthood Sept. 30. The Students for Life president said the university Scheduling Services pushed for the event, entailing pink crosses, banners and handouts, to be held in the designated Free Speech Zone between t...

Quad display ignites ‘good and bad’ talk

Quad display ignites 'good and bad' talk

Gabi Wy

September 30, 2015

Pink banners and a field of crosses greeted students walking by the Quad Wednesday and brought about confusion and controversy. “The color for standing with Planned Parenthood is pink,” freshman radio and television major Mariah Winne said, “so that’s what (the display) made it look lik...

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