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Cengage learning acting as a substitute teacher for classes

Cengage learning acting as a substitute teacher for classes

Marissa Jacobs, Staff Writer November 19, 2019

There are different forms of learning environments available to students at USI and one particular education technology that many professors use is known as Cengage.  Cengage is an online learning...

The university moved all classes online in response to COVID-19

What type of learning is best for your degree?

Jessica McKinley, Staff Writer November 12, 2018

Is online learning better than face to face learning? Are we just getting lazy when we don’t like getting up to go to class every day? In today’s world, we are making everything more and more dependent...

Let's embrace technology, not discourage it

Let’s embrace technology, not discourage it

Riley Guerzini, Managing Editor September 11, 2018

Over the last 15 years, society has been introduced to a vast number of technological innovations that have made our lives easier and made previous inventions obsolete. Our generation has witnessed...

Online classes equally beneficial

Online classes equally beneficial

Darrian Breedlove, Opinion Editor September 4, 2018

According to a study done by the University of the Potomac, almost 70 percent of students think online classes are as good or even better than traditional classrooms, while 77 percent of educators...

Rethink online learning

Gabi Wy, Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2018

As the university focuses on online learning, no one making those decisions seems to be asking if it’s good for students. Sure, technology is advancing. It’s normal for a student to have a laptop...

Junior psychology major Stephanie Perry logs onto a computer at Rice Library Monday. Photo by The Shield

University looks to add more online programs

Riley Guerzini, News Editor January 17, 2018

It’s getting easier and easier for students to get their degree without ever stepping onto campus. The university is planning to add more online degree programs for non-traditional students as...

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