What type of learning is best for your degree?

Is online learning better than face to face learning? Are we just getting lazy when we don’t like getting up to go to class every day?

In today’s world, we are making everything more and more dependent on technology. So, logically we have moved some classes to online platforms.

Walking around campus, there are many students enrolled in at least one online class. Are students really learning the material when they take classes online? Some degrees are even offered online. 

Honestly, people are looking for ways to get their degrees faster and cheaper. In today’s world, many students do not go to college because of the cost of it alone. Money is keeping the younger generation from getting a higher education.

Through some online colleges, these less fortunate students are able to get their degrees and they are able to better themselves for the future in this cut-throat job search. Meanwhile, some online classes or degrees are not as cheap as taking them in class.

For example, here at USI, it costs an extra $50to take an online class instead of taking it in the classroom. However, many students do not mind paying that fee because their schedule works better with the online class.

This brings up another good reason for online classes. Some people need them in order to take all the classes they need to in the semester to stay on track for graduation. When scheduling classes, a student might run into the issue of two classes being scheduled at the same time as their other classes.

Therefore, online class availability makes it so the student is able to take the class and stay on track for graduation. There are also instances where a student needs to take a summer class. However, most students go home over the summer break to be with their families. Therefore, the online class option makes it so students are able to go home for the vacation and take a class over the summer.

When looking at online classes, a big concern among students is that they will not be learning and retaining the information.

Why pay for a class when you are not sure if you will be learning what you need to learn? When talking to students, it seems like they feel that online classes are just an easy way out because you have access to the internet for the material. However, if you are following the university policies and taking the classes the way that they are meant to be taken, you will learn the material.

Some students do not like that they have to pay extra to take an online class when they are having to teach themselves for the most part. It just depends on how each student learns. Some people do not mind teaching themselves the material. In fact, some people prefer this method of learning.

When looking at online classes, look at all the pros and cons for you and your schedule. Do you feel like you will be learning the material? 

Do you mind paying the extra money to take the online class? It is all up to the individual student. Do what is best for you and your degree.