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Broadway, take notes

Broadway, take notes

Darrian Breedlove, Staff Writer

January 23, 2018

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Joel Kramer Musicals have been an important source of entertainment in America for many decades. With phenomenal soundtracks, passionate performances, and important themes addressed in memorable and moving ways, it’s no surprise that there is a street in NYC dedicated to countless musicals and g...

Actresses find themselves in Little Women

Actresses find themselves in Little Women

Gabi Wy, Features Editor

April 19, 2017

Filed under Features

Through the struggle of her own boyfriend being deployed, Morgan Book channels her emotion in “Little Women” as the romantic Meg, engaged to a man who goes off to war. “When we did the duet between Meg and Mr. Brook that first night of rehearsals, I cried through the whole thing,” the sophomo...

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