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No ‘bad’ majors

Emma Corry, Staff Writer

January 17, 2018

If you’re a liberal arts major, you’ve more than likely been asked you what you plan on majoring in during college. You  might say, “I’m an art major,” “I’m a theatre major” or “I’m a journalism major.” And that’s when the mood shifts. You notice the exact moment when their moo...

It’s all worth it

It's all worth it

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer

April 4, 2017

We’ve all made mistakes, some larger and more impactful than others. Sometimes they’re big enough to bog us down and impede our progress. Even when things are at their worst, it’s important to never stop moving forward. With that being said, I have been in college now far longer than I had...

Major shaming

Bailey Meenach, Staff Writer

February 21, 2017

“Do you want fries with that?” “Are you really wasting your parents’ money on that?” “You don’t really need to study do you?” “You wouldn’t understand. You’ve never taken hard classes before.” I have heard every single one of these statements and more during my...

A minor opinion on majors

Vanessa Roach

October 7, 2015

by vanessa roach [email protected] Last week I witnessed a heated discussion on the ever-entertaining Yik Yak. The post in question claimed that unless you are biology, nursing or other “hard science” major, your academic trek through college will be an easy one. There are several problems I ...

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