A minor opinion on majors

Vanessa Roach

by vanessa roach

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Last week I witnessed a heated discussion on the ever-entertaining Yik Yak. The post in question claimed that unless you are biology, nursing or other “hard science” major, your academic trek through college will be an easy one.

There are several problems I have with this generalization including the fact that one person’s definition of easy may not necessarily be another’s.

Many factors are taken into consideration when judging a course as easy or hard. These include the way the professor presents the material, the level of the class and prior experience with the subject

Math beyond intermediate algebra is a terrible, ugly beast that should stay in the lowest pits of hell where it belongs. As an English and history double major, I would fail miserably if I had to take the required math courses of an accounting major, but a 400-level writing or reading class is enjoyable and relatively easy for me.

Of course, if you are an accounting major, math is probably interesting for you (although I probably won’t understand you). Hopefully you have chosen a major where your interests lie.

The health profession students I asked all unanimously agreed the anatomy and physiology (BIOL 121) course was a monster. Additionally, junior biology/biochemistry students all pretty much felt organic chemistry (CHEM 353) and genetics (BIOL 382) courses put hair on their chests.

“I’m a business major and that’s all I’ve been, so I don’t know how hard it gets, but so far I’m struggling a bunch with accounting 201 and CIS 261 (Advanced Microcomputer Applications),” Sophomore Dana Sibral said.

“Physics for educators (108) has been just awful,” said sophomore special education major Tori Porter. “I’m also dreading the two other math classes I’ll have to take.”

Many of the science majors take intensive classes, but that doesn’t mean other majors in comparison are smooth sailing. I chose my major because I enjoy it even though I know I will have to spend hours doing field experience and practicums.

Regardless of one’s major, there will always be classes that make you want to scream, cry and drop out.

Facebook will weekly hear the woes of your monstrous class.

But you will survive with a little help from the glorious Starbucks.

You may not initially pick your perfect major, but you can still be proud of yourself on graduation regardless if you have a Master’s in nuclear physics or a B.A. in philosophy.