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2018 Election Center

2018 Election Center

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November 6, 2018

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Jake Tapley

November 13, 2013

Usually, the movies I review are big ticket movies that are playing at theaters around the country and grossing a decent amount in the Box Office. This is, of course, because I am writing primarily for the students and faculty of USI, and independent movies are typically not screened often in the Tri-State...

COLUMN: River City Sound Katie Watts

Katie Watts, local musician, looks to family for inspiration.

Ariana Beedie

October 23, 2013

USI alumna races to the top as a local performer with only three years of live performance under her belt. Katie Watts, 29, started playing locally because of her friend Andrea Worth, another local musician who helped her break out of her shell and sing. “Worth was playing a show at Smitty's, and I...

COLUMN: River City Sound, City Grimm

COLUMN: River City Sound, City Grimm

Ariana Beedie

September 24, 2013

A local band describes itself as not so local. Jeremiah Daniels and Nick Henning developed City Grimm in 2010. The two met while playing in another band but split off to form their own unique sound. “We play noise rock and post punk,” Daniels said. “There are even some psychedelic influences.” Daniels,...

River City Sound: The Angry Nerdz

Ariana Beedie

September 10, 2013

Three Evansville rappers collaborate to create an original sound and have fun while doing so. The Angry Nerdz includes Max Bridges, Thomas Blane and Frank Doonan. The group has been recording and performing at local bars since 2011. “We all have different perspectives,” Doonan said. “Our individual...

Stop squabbling over convention center

Nick Ebertz

September 4, 2013

When I first heard about the new convention center that was in the works to be built downtown, I will admit that I was not happy. $37.5 million tax dollars used to build a hotel with the intent of bringing in big companies that could potentially ruin local businesses? I was not having it. Downtown...

River City Sound: Brett Siler

Photo courtesy of Brett Siler

Ariana Beedie

September 3, 2013

Local artist stimulates Evansville scene with new interesting sounds. Brett Siler describes the sounds he creates as post minimalism, which has stemmed from many inspirations. It’s a mix between minimalism, classical music and black, sludge metal, he said. “It’s kind of like post mi...

Local cafe hosts rap show

A cafe on Franklin Street, PG, brings in a crowd Sunday. Photo by Jessica Stallings/The Shield

Ariana Beedie

August 28, 2013

Local venue hosted a rap show Sunday, to showcase local and out-of-state talent. PG, a small cafe located on Franklin Street, drew a large crowd of people eager to see the show. Mark O’Cummings a downtown local, was pleased with the show, he said. “This is what we need in Evansville,” he said. Speed Walking With S...

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