COLUMN: River City Sound, City Grimm

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COLUMN: River City Sound, City Grimm

Ariana Beedie

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A local band describes itself as not so local.

Jeremiah Daniels and Nick Henning developed City Grimm in 2010. The two met while playing in another band but split off to form their own unique sound.

“We play noise rock and post punk,” Daniels said. “There are even some psychedelic influences.”

Daniels, 27, and Henning, 25, both live in Evansville but don’t consider themselves a local band.

“We’re not a local band, even though we play locally now and then,” Henning said.

“We just happen to live here.”

City Grimm plays shows around the major Midwest, including cities like Chicago, Louisville, Bloomington and Nashville.

“Majority of the time, we never know what to expect at venues,” Daniels said. “We just bring out Electronic Press Kit and let the music speak for itself.”

When the band performs, it’s not about what the audience thinks, but it’s more for City Grimm, Daniels said.

“We’re in our own universe when we’re on stage,” he said.

When it comes to songwriting, City Grimm use a different approach than other artists.

“I can never tell Henning what to do,” Daniels said. “If he plays something horrible, I’ll just tell him to play something else.”

This side project acts as a refuge for the two, a way to express themselves freely, Henning said.

“We just play well together and that has worked out really well for us,” Henning said. “It’s become performance art.”

The duo is releasing an untitled album sometime this year, which is gaining local fans in the downtown area.

“We’re always surprised when people listen,” Daniels said. “Only because it’s our thing – something we created.”

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