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Students report struggling around holidays

The Dean of Students is a resource available on campus for students who need help.
November 18, 2020

Less sunshine, cold weather, and the holiday season affect each person differently.  The Shield created a survey to see how this time of year affects students at the university.  The survey was...

Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day

November 29, 2017

Black Friday has evolved into a holiday in and of itself. This retail holiday has overpowered Thanksgiving, and those who participate in this frenzied shopping often place more importance on it than...

Giving is more important

November 15, 2017

You have officially reached adulthood when the holiday season has you thinking more about what you can give of yourself than what gifts you may anticipate receiving. This is an idea that has - obviously...

Away from home for the holidays

December 10, 2015
Students face having to stay on campus for the holidays instead of going home.

Celebrate Kwanzaa

December 11, 2013

There are many holidays celebrated in the United States, like Christmas and Hanukkah, but not much is said about a less celebrated holiday. Kwanzaa, created by Maulana Karenga in 1966, celebrates many...

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