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‘People-focused’ trustee backs importance of education

'People-focused' trustee backs importance of education

Matthew Devault, Staff Writer

August 18, 2016

Ellis Redd believes education is an equalizer. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, an education can level the playing field and help you achieve things that you probably otherwise wouldn’t achieve,” Redd said. “I’m an example of that.”

Snow big deal

Sophomore art major Theanoe Christos bundles up as she walks to class from the campus apartments Monday morning. The university was closed Friday because of weather conditions.

Gabi Wy, News Editor

January 27, 2016

When snow hits, Tom and Andrea Drury face a dilemma. Tom, a performing arts instructor, works at the university with his wife, an adjunct in the same department. Tom and Andrea have two sons who need supervision: a nine-year-old named David and a six-year-old named Samuel. While the Evansville Vanderburgh S...

Rice inducted into EVSC hall of fame

Rachel Christian

October 28, 2014

USI’s first president, David Rice, was honored by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation and the EVSC Foundation in the biennially-awarded EVSC Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. The EVSC Hall of Fame honors distinguished individuals who exemplify outstanding achievement in their life’s work and w...

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