Farewell Fighter Review

Jimmy Pyles

“Challenges” is the first full length album from this Nashville pop-punk outfit that blurs the lines between genres perfectly. Farewell Fighter really knows their sound and how to use it to their advantage, all behind the power of Kenny Fleetwood’s vocals and coving the punk aspect with their full guitar tones.

Farewell Fighter has some of the most relatable lyrics for anyone who listens to them. With a huge positive message in them that makes you feel like you can do anything after just one song, they are presented in such catchy fashion leaving the words stuck in your head for hours or days.

After getting past the first song which is kind of like an introduction, the album picks up the tempo with “Growing Pains.”  From there the album flows through power tracks like “Grow”, “Love, Lust, Or losing it?” and “Never Have I Ever” which is the most positive song on the album.

“Epitaph” is one d*** good pop song, and for me the high point of the album. It just makes you want to clap to the beat and completely hooks you from the start. If this would be the only song you listen to, you would get every bit of what makes Farewell Fighter great.

The only problem I have with the album is that five out of the 12 tracks on the album are just re-recorded songs from there last EP. I know that Fleetwood and the rest of Farewell Fighters have enough in them to make a completely original 12 track album.