Residential students unable to order free COVID-19 testing kits


Photo by Shelby Clark

Residential students using their residential address at Housing and Residence Life are being blocked from ordering the free COVID-19 testing kits administered by the Biden Administration.

Sydney Lawson, Lifestyle Editor

Students living on campus are unable to place an order for the government sanctioned free COVID-19 home testing kits due to their campus mailing address being recognized as a business address. 

The Biden Administration rolled out a COVID-19 program on Jan. 19, 2022, allowing each household to order four free COVID-19 home testing kits per residential address, according to a white house press release. The Housing and Residence Life address students use to receive packages on campus, 839 Pruis Lane, is currently being recognized as a business address on the test kit ordering forms. 

Connor Keeling, a freshman accounting major, attempted to apply for four of the free at-home testing kits, but ran into an issue when he tried to have it delivered to his campus address. 

“I am from roughly two hours away, which is why I tried to order the test to campus,” Keeling said. “I would think the University would want to help students to take advantage of these free tests for the health and safety of everyone on campus.”

Housing and Residence Life said in an email to The Shield, “Our director has been looking into this issue. Once we have more information we will inform residents.”

Keeling said, “I would personally like to see HRL and campus living come together with administration and find a solution for students who live on campus.” 

In the meantime, the university is providing free KN95 masks to students and staff. Students can get two free masks at multiple locations around campus, including the David L. Rice Library, Dean of Students Office, University Division, Dean’s Office and the Recreation Fitness and Wellness Center.