USI campus beautiful, welcoming to new students

When visiting USI, one of the most noticeable features of the campus is how beautiful it truly is.

Around nearly every corner is a different set of vibrant flowers providing a lovely aroma that fills the entire campus. The clean buildings, colorful chalk messages and floral displays create an inviting atmosphere for not only the students who live here presently but for potential students as well.

The university puts an extensive amount of care into making sure that their campus always looks outstanding. It is not uncommon to see people working on putting new flowers in, decorating the sidewalks or tidying up tables. USI even has Spruce Up every year to encourage their students to keep their campus beautiful.

Even the grass is well taken care of all over campus. Though it may be annoying to wake up to the sound of a lawnmower early in the morning, few can complain about the grass always being the right length. Why does USI focus on keeping their campus beautiful though?

One of the most obvious answers is the fact that the campus is the first thing that visitors see. During orientation, it is hard to show students what classes are going to be like or that professors here tend to be pretty friendly. The campus itself has to provide that inviting feeling to incoming students.

Though it may not be the reason you chose to attend USI, for many students the beauty of the campus is what draws them in. The campus itself feels like a place where you can sit outside with friends and just enjoy the nice weather. Seeing students outside in hammocks or out on the quad throwing a frisbee creates an atmosphere most students dream of for college.

Beyond that, the way the university takes care of its campus says an awful lot about how they care for their students. Though it may not apply to every school, USI seems to care quite a bit for their students and their opinions on matters. This combination provides an overwhelming feeling of belonging here for many students.

For most students, visiting a campus that has cramped spaces and fails to take care of their campus is a big no. It makes you question how they are going to treat you if that is what they do with their campus. The gross feeling of an unclean campus provides an atmosphere where students can no longer feel safe on campus.

In contrast, many reviews of USI show students who feel safe on campus. The mix of the cleanliness of the campus and the size help provide an environment that feels safe. This can be a big deal for students who are just starting out here or may be from farther away.

There is no doubt that USI has high standards for how their campus should look. It is thanks to the workers and students who care about their campus that we are given the chance to enjoy campus life. With the weather warming up and graduation approaching, it will be exciting to see what USI has in store for its campus.