University unaffected by government shutdown

The United States government shutdown, now the longest federal closure in history, has left the university relatively unaffected.

Director of University Communications John Farless said at this point in the closure, USI “has seen no negative repercussions from the government shut down.”

The White House and Senate Republicans are currently locked in a stalemate with the newly elected Democratic House majority over funding for a $5.6 billion wall along the nation’s southern border, one of President Trump’s signature campaign promises.

The shutdown has been in effect for a quarter of the government since midnight Dec. 22. Hundreds of thousands of employees including FDA food inspectors, NASA employees and air traffic controllers are either working without pay or have been furloughed.

Director of Student Financial Assistance Mary Jo Harper said students already receiving financial aid or who have already completed the process, are seeing no holdups.

For students who are just starting the process or are currently in the middle of the process, the Department of Education is making special allowances that give them a pathway to completion with minimal to no delays.

Chief Data Officer Kat Draughon said the university has not seen any direct impacts with external grants at this time, but will continue to monitor the situation.

This story will be updated.