New beginnings

The feeling of embracing the unknown is scary.

The fear can come when it comes time to make a decision at the end of an experience. Everything comes to an end in life.

This finality can awaken an array of emotions. While some may see the end as exciting, some will feel anxious and unsure when the finish line approaches.

Less than a month from today, many seniors here at the university will walk across the stage of their educational prestige, accepting the final culmination of their work to move forward from academia.

Many students are excited to see what life has in store for them after college.

Yet, some experience a dark cloud of uncertainty that looms over them with the ending.

Some of these students have been attending school every year since pre-school, and now their education is complete.

They will enter their chosen career, expected to apply 18 years of education in a practical work environment.

Students wonder where they will work, who their friends will be, and about starting a life somewhere completely foreign. It could drive anyone mad.

Just take a minute and breathe.

Instead of looking toward the finale of college with anxiety and confusion, first look back at how far you’ve come.

We have all been through end points in our life.

Remember when we left high school and college seemed like some scary adult school we couldn’t possibly find our place in? Now look where you are–about to leave the once daunting place that became a comfortable safe haven.

This next adventure will not be any different. Take a few more breaths and realize that it will all be okay.

If you were able to make it through the first day of preschool, you will be able to make it after walking off stage with your head held high accepting what the future has for you.

Get ready to open up the next story of your life; it will be a fascinating read.