Superb Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday night will be the night millions of Americans’ eyes are glued to a television screen.  

The New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons will claim this year’s Super Bowl winning title, and Americans everywhere will be throwing parties to watch the event.

Super Bowl parties are full of excitement. Basically, they are the home version of a tailgating party.

These parties consist of surrounding yourself with a bunch of friends getting together and bringing many dishes of foods to share, all while playing games until kickoff starts.

Eating the food everyone brings is one of the perks of attending a party.

Having those creative friends who try their hand at awesome new food dishes like barbecue chicken nachos or pigs in a blanket, and even buffalo chicken meatballs are some of the snacks that will be making an appearance at this year’s party.

I cannot contain my eagerness.

I will be making my special puppy chow, which is always a crowd favorite.

It makes the night ten times better when the snacks are amazing.

While not everyone attending our party this year shares the same liking of football, there are different aspects of Superbowl Sunday that attract people to the screen.

Some enjoy the actual football game of two teams playing it out for four intense quarters.

Others, including myself, strive to watch the event for the breaks in the game where the real entertainment is: the commercials.

My friends and I always rate which is the funniest commercial out of all of them.

Companies pay high dollar for their brand to be seen by the watching eyes of thousands of Americans. Last year during the peak viewing of the Super Bowl, a 30 second ad costed  4.5 million dollars.

Another attraction to the show is the halftime show, featuring famous music groups performing to the thousands of viewers.

This year’s show will be headlined by Lady Gaga and I could not be more thrilled. She has gone through many different phases in her career, which intrigues me to see how she will tie all her albums into one hit halftime show.

So whatever your reason for tuning in Sunday, this Super Bowl will not disappoint.

Gather your friends and make some fun Super Bowl snacks for the night because CBS will be providing hours of entertainment for football watchers, commercial watchers and halftime show enjoyers.