Make change not memes

This past month has been the wildest for politics since, well, last month.

But if you have any grievances about our nation, you have to recognize that the time for passiveness is over.

What good is sharing a meme or making a passive-aggressive tweet about the presidency or the recent controversial decisions he has made? What purpose does it serve, or how does that change things?

I understand that sometimes we laugh because it is easier than getting furious about how our country conducts itself, but making jokes over social media does not do anything to improve the world around us.

Make all the snarky quips you want about “alternative facts;” Lord knows I have, but can we all just take a moment and acknowledge we were lied to?

Sharing Facebook posts and commenting with “OMG, THIS” cannot be where our interest in the matter stops.

I think we are allowing ourselves to be distracted from very real issues.

But it is not all blissful ignorance, not by a long shot.

These past few weeks have seen people take to the streets and assemble in protest of a government they no longer feel has their best interests in mind. Just this past Friday, the Trump administration issued a 90-day immigration ban.

The response was demonstrations outside of airports around the country and aid being offered to people facing possible deportation. Though it was not retracted fully, the ban has since been revised.

Action, not passiveness. That is what gets things done.

I understand the reticence in getting too deeply involved. I understand the fear that it’s too difficult to represent what you believe in.

But whether you want the nation to change or to remain as it is, you are not going to accomplish anything by doing nothing at all.

And telling Trump to “cash you outside, how bow dah” sure as hell counts as doing nothing at all.