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Let go of the toxic people in your life

Let go of the toxic people in your life

Will Phillips, Staff Writer January 28, 2020

Toxic friends and relationships are everywhere these days and it’s your job to identify the toxic people in your life so you can move on to have a better future.  Toxic people are consistently flaky,...

Professor urges consideration of social media as archival tool

Professor urges consideration of social media as archival tool

Susanna Fravell, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

The College of Liberal Arts hosted “Innovative Approaches to Research: A Case Study for Social Media as Archives” on Nov. 8.  The event was a presentation by Assistant Professor of History Cacee...

The age of Faboocrats and Twittertarians

The age of Faboocrats and Twittertarians

Sarah Rogers, Features Editor March 12, 2019

Lauren Wojcuich said Americans are “ridiculously embarrassed to be wrong.” The senior communication studies major said American politics have become a hard divide between Republicans and Democrats. “Instead...

The Board of Trustees named Provost Ron Rochon as the universitys fourth president Thursday afternoon. Rochon will officially assume his duties as president July 1.

Rochon talks changes to higher ed, enrollment and future

Riley Guerzini, Managing Editor October 30, 2018

Ron Rochon said being president has been busier than he ever anticipated. “People tell you and they kind of prepare you for the schedule, but until you get in the chair, you just don’t understand...

DIsconnecting from social media

Osman, Staff Writer December 8, 2017

Now, more than ever, we are all connected through social media, but its is important to remember there is more to life than the endless collection of likes and dislikes. “I shared your post on Facebook!” “Dude,...

Make change not memes

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer January 31, 2017

This past month has been the wildest for politics since, well, last month. But if you have any grievances about our nation, you have to recognize that the time for passiveness is over. What good...

Local journalist focuses on media, election

Local journalist focuses on media, election

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor November 29, 2016

Rain drops raced down the freshly washed windows as the chatter filled room hushed to an expectant silence. Brad Byrd, lead news anchor for Eyewitness News, cleared his throat and thanked the room of...

Put down the phone

Sarah Rogers, Staff Writer September 1, 2016
I recently attended a Cleveland Indians game, my first major league baseball game. My expectations for the game were loosely based on movies I’d seen which took place in the 50s.

Social media: a double-edged sword

Brandon Cole, Staff Writer September 1, 2016
Social media is a tool. If one is able to continuously evolve in the mechanics, accomplishments are limitless. The problem is, too many people use social media to expose their Achilles heal.
Politics and social media

Politics and social media

Rachel Christian, Special to The Shield May 2, 2016

Illustration by Philip Kuhns Seated behind the screen of his Apple laptop, Brandon Parker clicks between web browser tabs. The content of the pages is almost exclusively political—articles and statistics...

World Wide Web View

World Wide Web View

Bobby Shipman, Editor-in-Chief April 20, 2016

Megan Dickens struggled for years with the concept of homosexuality. The graphic design alumna grew up in a small, mostly conservative Indiana town, where she was taught that same-sex relationships...

Instructor of communications Mary Beth Reese (left) and members of the student committee of the event Katie Schmitt, a junior advertising and public relations major (middle) and Natalie Theriac (right), a senior advertising and public relations major, listen as keynote speaker Glen Nowak, Director of the Center for Health and Risk Communication at the University of Georgia, discusses with them after the Social Media Symposium Monday in Carter Hall.

Averting Crisis

Abigail Suddarth, Staff Writer March 2, 2016
One third of Americans believe that genetically modified mosquitoes caused the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil.
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