Letter: Rather than disapprove, improve

Mary Bradley

After reading and hearing about the uproar caused by Brenna Wu’s opinion article “The Greek Life PR Ploy,” I have to say that there seems to be quite a trend in drastic reactions from Greek Life regarding criticism.

When I had a position as staff writer for my current college paper, we published an opinion piece that essentially told Greeks to “grow up.”

Trust me, that certainly was not well received either, but was much more offensive in content than Wu’s, where she asked her fellow Greek members to be more supportive for athletic teams outside of basketball.

Wu has a right to an opinion, and should not have to be ridiculed for having one.

Additionally, there is no basis to argue she is not familiar with athletics or Greek life, being she is of both.

For those who see such an article as offensive, please recognize that criticism is internal and that Wu, as guaranteed by the first amendment, can exercise her rights of freedom of speech and of the press as she pleases.

I highly suggest Greeks learn to take criticism such as Wu’s as constructive, rather than to find lashing out as a better response.

Mary Bradley
The Murray State News