Letter: Do the right thing this November

USI Shield Staff

Upon driving through different parts of Indiana, I have started noticing yard signs that say ‘Fed Up? Vote Republican!’ appearing more and more in people’s yards and along the road. In the State of Indiana, our government is comprised of a Republican Super-Majority, meaning they control the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Governorship. Under this Super-Majority, the State of Indiana has amassed a surplus of two billion dollars. With that much extra revenue, you would think things are going pretty great for everybody, but sadly that is not the case. Everyday, Hoosiers in every part of our State drive on roads and bridges that are in extreme need of repair. Our Public Education system continues to be underfunded and a regular victim of continuous cuts, preventing our youth from receiving the proper education they deserve. With all of these problems plaguing Hoosiers everyday, the State legislature idly stands by, all while still collecting their regular paychecks. With a $2 billion surplus, we deserve better. If you are really ‘Fed Up,’ do the right thing and vote Democrat this November. Your vote is your way of improving things.

Cory Ray