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Nearly 1,000 new registrations

Nearly 1,000 new registrations

Sarah Loesch, Editor-in-chief

October 12, 2016

The registration effort by Squawk the Vote registered 931 people to vote. The effort came close the original 1,000 registration goal and Cynthia Brinker said everyone involved felt like it went very well. “When you think about voting and when you think about the impact of decisions made by elect...

Students, faculty join debate conversation

Sarah Loesch, Editor-in-chief

September 26, 2016

[View the story "Students, faculty join debate conversation" on Storify]...

SGA talks plans for 2016

Riley Guerzini, Staff writer

September 1, 2016

Student Government Association discussed future events, such as a campaign against sexual assault and an event focusing on racial tensions, at its first meeting Aug. 25. SGA president Ashley Wright and Administrative Vice President for Social and Cultural Issues Christina Lutes will lead the campaign ...

Annual faculty meeting adjusted for time, simplicity

Gabi Wy, Features Editor

August 18, 2016

Faculty members applauded moderately for small announcements at the university meeting Wednesday, but one of the most audible reactions was support for holding the session later than usual. “It’s nice to see everyone here on time,” Provost Ron Rochon said at the 9 a.m. meeting. In years past, ...

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