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Mandela speaker talks racism

Students gather around Tim Wise, a nationally renowned anti-racist writer and educator, during a private coffee hour that gave students a safe place to ask questions on the topics of racism and discrimination in Tradition’s Lounge on Thursday. Wise served as the keynote speaker for a series of events commemorating Nelson Mandela.
February 12, 2016
Tim Wise’s five-year-old daughter asked if Morgan Freeman was really God after seeing a trailer for “Evan Almighty.” He replied that he was just an actor who plays God often. Her sister replied, “That can’t be God.”

Mandela events, speaker to address white privilege

February 5, 2016
Tim Wise will give his presentation “Resurrecting Apartheid, from Ferguson to the Voting Booth to the Border – Combating Racism in the Post-Obama Era,” for Nelson Mandela Commemoration Day Feb. 11.
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Nelson Mandela Commemoration Day