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Designer talks creative process

Designer talks creative process

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor
March 15, 2017
Filed under News

Abigail Stanley Renda Morton clicked her computer and a picture of a mess of scribbles appeared on the screen. “This is how the creative process starts,” Morton said addressing her audience in Kleymeyer Hall. Morton pointed to the right of the screen, where the scribbles began to detangle, and eventua...

Education is empowerment

Sarah Loesch, Editor-in-chief
November 11, 2016
Filed under Opinion

It immediately disenfranchises young voters to not educate them.

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Humanity trumps cruelty

Gabi Wy, Staff writer
April 29, 2016
Filed under Opinion

I don't talk politics, but I do talk decency and respect. I, an 18-year-old student journalist, was spat on yesterday at a Donald Trump rally in my hometown. What happened didn't register immediately. The republican frontrunner had drawn out an overwhelming crowd, and I was interviewing as many...

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