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Steak Fry ‘n’ Auction raises money for scholarships

Steak Fry ‘n’ Auction raises money for scholarships

Nik Cunningham, Sprots Editor

September 3, 2019

The Steak Fry ‘n’ Auction started 26 years ago when the athletics department was selling Season Tickets. “It started as a promotion to sell Season Tickets and to just raise money,” Mandi Fulton said, assistant director of athletics. “It started at the Hilltop Grove.” Fulton said she is v...

Fulton takes on new role

Mandi Fulton, the assistant athletics director, grades her student’s presentation during a public speaking class that she teaches.

Mackenzie Drew

October 14, 2015

USI named Mandi Fulton the new assistant director of athletics. Fulton serves as the administrator for baseball, volleyball, cross-country, track & field, tennis and golf. “I didn’t follow a normal path,” Fulton said. Unlike many people in her field of work, Fulton did not go to school for a...

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